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designing a luxurious bathroom

Summer , the best time not only for vacations, but also to repair, so many of us long ago and estimates, pick over, looking for the best master, who was also taken to work cheap, but the price keeps increasing every time, for example to the bathroom, you can not change the bath and set in acrylic liner.
in fact The advantage is clear: like the liner is not dark, and resistant to cracking, but still keeps the water temperature longer than, the same iron tub. And the surface of the acrylic liner has antibacterial properties. And costs such as the liner is significantly cheaper, and works for the installation done.
Choice of materials for a large bathroom walls, and dark versions! Trim the decorative plaster walls, ceramic tiles, with a special water-resistant panels and even natural stone, if resources permit.
we can save costs by choosing a paint color that was good in large-scale.
Ceiling panels also affect diversity. The most inexpensive and practical – suspended ceilings, ventilation and electrical wiring, and moreover, perfectly masks any structural construction defects. The ceiling is made in various colors and even a mirror that looks very impressive. But they have one drawback – they are quick mist, and they should be washed frequently.
Looks very stylish and modern bathrooms will you, if you replace regular shower curtain door which mounted directly on the edge of the tub around and usually separated by means of door-coupe. Doors can be made ​​of colored material, which again makes it possible to change the look of the room.
It is clear that their blinds are more expensive, but also to change them, you will not have long enough. Yes, and from puddles on the floor, the doors will save far more reliable.
Think about lighting, it’s much more beautiful and more practical to install a small ceiling near the bathtub and sink, rather than having a lamp in the middle of the ceiling. Depending on what style you choose, you can use spotlights, wall lights or rotating Pampa.

comfortable bathroom 1

comfortable bathroom 2

comfortable bathroom 3

comfortable bathroom 4

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