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Changing Mood By Interior Change

There is confidence that with the changes would change lives. Whatever it was, but the change in the interior – a good thing and, really, as psychologists say, can affect our mood. But here’s where to start, as at the lowest cost of money and effort to change the interior for the better?
It is best to start with a rearrangement of furniture in the rooms. This is especially true for small apartments.

Moreover, rearrange, move, you can not only furniture but also other parts of your interior – vases, statues, gifts, frames with pictures. They also should not stay long in one place, the more so, rearranging them, we can achieve a completely unexpected effect.
To create a home a good mood, an atmosphere of warmth and joy, and home environment just to satisfy the warm rich colors – red, pink, orange, golden yellow.

pink interior

yellow gold

orange interior

It is important to correctly chosen lighting, which is especially important now, in winter when little of the sun. In addition, it is wise to choose fixtures coming up, you can achieve significant energy savings. The light should be bright, saturated and necessarily vertical – or going down or bottom up. Try to avoid the muted glow of the chamber and the side, falling somewhere “around the corner.” Change the chandelier, move in a new light fixtures, new shade cloth a different color, make local coverage – it creates a comfort and also saves electricity. Update the color of your apartment can be with details, for example, lay new tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases change to sofa cushions to change the curtains on the windows, change the carpets or floor coverings.

sofa side lamp

tablecloth 1

floor covering

white floor covering

The new color scheme you’ll feel differently in a new way, and it means that your mood will improve.

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