Changing Mood By Interior Change

There is confidence that with the changes would change lives. Whatever it was, but the change in the interior – a good thing and, really, as psychologists say, can affect our mood. But here’s where to start, as at the lowest cost of money and effort to change the interior for the better?
It is best to start with a rearrangement of furniture in the rooms. This is especially true for small apartments.

Moreover, rearrange, move, you can not only furniture but also other parts of your interior – vases, statues, gifts, frames with pictures. They also should not stay long in one place, the more so, rearranging them, we can achieve a completely unexpected effect.
To create a home a good mood, an atmosphere of warmth and joy, and home environment just to satisfy the warm rich colors – red, pink, orange, golden yellow.

pink interior

yellow gold

orange interior

It is important to correctly chosen lighting, which is especially important now, in winter when little of the sun. In addition, it is wise to choose fixtures coming up, you can achieve significant energy savings. The light should be bright, saturated and necessarily vertical – or going down or bottom up. Try to avoid the muted glow of the chamber and the side, falling somewhere “around the corner.” Change the chandelier, move in a new light fixtures, new shade cloth a different color, make local coverage – it creates a comfort and also saves electricity. Update the color of your apartment can be with details, for example, lay new tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases change to sofa cushions to change the curtains on the windows, change the carpets or floor coverings.

sofa side lamp

tablecloth 1

floor covering

white floor covering

The new color scheme you’ll feel differently in a new way, and it means that your mood will improve.


How To Choose The Furniture For Your Children

It is designed for the convenience of your children.
For the kid in the age of three should not be too expensive to buy designer furniture, even if you have such opportunities. At this age, it should be very simple and concise, and the emphasis should be given to the child’s safety. So the furniture should be no sharp edges, and it must be made from environmentally friendly materials. If you decide to buy furniture with the prospect of a few years, you can buy a transformer, such as bunk bed purchase, which turns into a sofa – it can serve up to 5 years of age.

children room 3

children room 5

A child of color for the interior, choose pastel, soft, warm, not bright.
In the opinion of the child at the age of three to six years in the selection of furniture and landscaping nursery already reckoned with, and it is important to take into account its interests in the design of the room. The child at this age need a desk and chair for creative works. The bed is better to choose low, because the baby can sleep restlessly, and may fall. Will require shelves to store books, containers, toys. Keep in mind that kids are very fond of various containers made in the form of toys, trunks, etc.

A child under the age of twelve or sixteen years has necessarily need a computer. Previously, he still could not do without him, at that age it’s unlikely. So you have to think about how to equip a computer desk.

children room  1

childrens-room 2

children room 4


designing a luxurious bathroom

Summer , the best time not only for vacations, but also to repair, so many of us long ago and estimates, pick over, looking for the best master, who was also taken to work cheap, but the price keeps increasing every time, for example to the bathroom, you can not change the bath and set in acrylic liner.
in fact The advantage is clear: like the liner is not dark, and resistant to cracking, but still keeps the water temperature longer than, the same iron tub. And the surface of the acrylic liner has antibacterial properties. And costs such as the liner is significantly cheaper, and works for the installation done.
Choice of materials for a large bathroom walls, and dark versions! Trim the decorative plaster walls, ceramic tiles, with a special water-resistant panels and even natural stone, if resources permit.
we can save costs by choosing a paint color that was good in large-scale.
Ceiling panels also affect diversity. The most inexpensive and practical – suspended ceilings, ventilation and electrical wiring, and moreover, perfectly masks any structural construction defects. The ceiling is made in various colors and even a mirror that looks very impressive. But they have one drawback – they are quick mist, and they should be washed frequently.
Looks very stylish and modern bathrooms will you, if you replace regular shower curtain door which mounted directly on the edge of the tub around and usually separated by means of door-coupe. Doors can be made ​​of colored material, which again makes it possible to change the look of the room.
It is clear that their blinds are more expensive, but also to change them, you will not have long enough. Yes, and from puddles on the floor, the doors will save far more reliable.
Think about lighting, it’s much more beautiful and more practical to install a small ceiling near the bathtub and sink, rather than having a lamp in the middle of the ceiling. Depending on what style you choose, you can use spotlights, wall lights or rotating Pampa.

comfortable bathroom 1

comfortable bathroom 2

comfortable bathroom 3

comfortable bathroom 4


build the 60s and 70s home, in flat ground that covered by forest

Not to be confused when you have a piece of land, among the lush forests ..
while you’re dreaming of a minimalist and elegant home ..
You are fortunate to have the land, because you can combine it with a 60s 70s house.

60s 70s style
60s 70s style
we can make the outside landscapes become like a landscapes-
photograph we attach in a wall with folding inner and outer walls.
make the almost glazed your wood wall, with more glass to refreshing your view..

60s 70s style
60s 70s style
60s 70s style
60s 70s style


mini bar kitchen

Some night you can break your bore day in your own room. How to made it? Lets talk.

Imagin the bar you wanna, or try this one.. Sharp edges of the faceted walls are softened by the luxury of padded fabric.

mini bar kitchen

by lighting, make the lamp to change colour and then altering your mood of the space.

Use the stark colour palette, dark champagne copper monotones are offset with bronzed mirror.

this idea based via

mini bar kitchen

if you have a large space, course you need an idea, try to applying an labyrinth that can make an dramatic room.

mini bar kitchenmini bar kitchen


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